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Creating unique scripts and construction quest rooms in Europe and the United States.
Payment for work after the opening of the quest room.

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My services

In providing services, I take my projects only when fully confident
I can bring the maximum benefit to the customer reliably and on time.

Automation quest

In order to quest earned, need quest engineer: a person who correctly select, develop and install all the electronics in the quest. And it must be done so that it does not break. Having tried a lot of electronics arduino to industrial automation systems, I choose what is best suited for the task - in price and functionality.

Scenarios for quests

The script is a document based on which the quest is built. When writing I do focus on the consistency and uniqueness, and simplicity.
I offer solutions that allow easy to promote the quest by his chips and minimize costs in construction.
In general, this is what distinguishes me from others,
I just take into account the business component of the quests.

Help quest maker

Quest maker is a person who is well versed in all aspects of the creation of the quest: space, place, subject, how many locations, under which segment, franchises, equipment, decorations, staff performance, communication with the players, what is important and what is not. During his time at kvestobiznese I with all this work closely and understand how things work in reality, and help you avoid beginner mistakes.

Payment for results

You pay 75% of the fee after the start the quest and get the money from the first players, prepayment 25% on transportation costs.

Remote supervision
Payment 100% after the opening of the quest.

The contents of the script for the quest

In addition to describing the passage of the quest, the story line, descriptions of mysteries and mechanisms, the scenario includes some important elements,
which are necessary for the successful construction and start the quest:

  • sketches locations
  • background music
  • sounds effects
  • referents design
  • device drawings
  • support for the construction
  • unique pieces
  • layout

Be where you need

I help to quickly and cheaply build a quest in Europe and other developed countries.
Personally, I leave to the site for installation of equipment and decorations.

Three success factors

in the construction of the quest rooms

Multiplication of money

Knowing that the players like, I choose solutions that will increase the quality of the quest, and therefore reviews and profit.

Reliable Solutions

In construction I only use simple technology, proven methodology.
No damage - no losses.


The resulting over 8 years of experience in engineering projects. It allows me to get around most of the errors in the construction of quests.

The purpose of the master quest

Take into account most of the factors that may affect the profitability of the quest.
To raise the quality and reduce costs.

How may I help you?

creating quests anywhere in the world

The mentoring service includes my full support on all issues that arise when you open the quest: From the selection of the optimal space (not search). Development of techniques for the maximum reduction in the construction costs. Help with understanding the best positioning strategy, advertising and organization. I will also participate in the choice of interior decorators, it can be like the people on the spot, and the manufacture and shipment of the props of the Russian Federation.
In the final stage, I leave to you and do the quest automation system (electronics), and help with the installation of scenery, and props.
I remain in place until the successful start of the quest. I help with marketing, positioning and general issues at work.
The main objective of supervision: to protect the client from mistakes in the construction and development of a cheap, but interesting, and competitive quest for maximum profit.
Success Technology: Research places the audience and the client's objectives. Planning the best strategy. Effective implementation of the plan.

Get information about the creation of quests

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Projects that I am proud of


Quest turnkey

In this project we have done to the customer quest from scratch and to the finished product. I had completely reworked the script. greatly improving it. Then work on the decorations were distributed. And the work done to the quest automation. I was directly involved in improving the script and building decorations. Also he oversaw the developers who made automation. He gave some advice on marketing and organization of the quest.
Location:Russian Federation Saint Petersburg

Austin Powers

Quest turnkey

This project began with the complete processing of the script: enhanced consistency and dynamism, added chips that will improve the marketing component of the quest.
After that, the design documentation with the drawing of the locations was made. Now work is underway on the construction and automation of the quest.
Location: Russian Federation Saint Petersburg
* At the time of this writing, there is a building

Cirque du Satan

Equipment and part of the scenery

This project was my first quest that I built. In it, I completely did the automation system puzzles and audio accompaniment. Also we make some decorations.
After starting the game when the tests were conducted, it was decided to add a few puzzles to improve playability.
Location:Russian Federation Saint Petersburg

Mystery Edison

Script automation, monitoring

This project is an interesting experience with Europe. Special mentality of the German audience had to consider creating a script. As a result, it managed to create a cool script with dynamic plot, maintaining the family atmosphere (the target audience quests in Germany). Thus it was possible to simplify the automation and set decoration, in order to improve the reliability of the quest.
Location: Düsseldorf, Germany
* At the time of this writing, there is a building

Common projects


Automation of the quest, "The Flying Dutchman". One of the complex mechanisms have been Swinging 5 meter floor that simulated rocking the ship. Also, a special video was made for the windows overlooking the sea.


Participation in the first stage of the quest automation. Coordinate development. For this quest, I had to write three separate applications on 3 different devices (smartphone, tablet, PC).

CHAIR obscura

Automation of key quest for "Obscura Chair" - a project of the University ITMO. The quest used curious optical experiments. Educational project.


Help to improve the script. This led to a more beautiful gameplay quest. After our interaction quest has become more logical and plot.


Perfect quest - a brief guide.
Free of charge and without registration, download the mini-document in which I wrote tips for creating a good quest.
*in Russian

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